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Thread: Generic Motilium - order Motilium online diners club no script in ID Porthill

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    Generic Motilium - order Motilium online diners club no script in ID Porthill

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    Started on 30mg for about 3 months, not much help. Upped to 60mg, no help. Now on 90mg for one month and my depression is even worse that it was. I slipped into a major down a few days ago, one of the worst I've had in years and have yet to bounce back from it. I have had mild brain zaps here and there since going to 90mg. Anyway, I am guessing my psychiatrist will try something different. I have tried Lexapro (helped me for many years, then seemed to stop working). Wellbutrin (made me very irritable), and Pristiq (did nothing except lower my libido and give me a little bit of energy).
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    This medicine has been a lifesaver for me. Minimal side effects (the sexual issues, occasional dizziness on standing) and it completely changed how I saw myself. I used to look in the mirror and see some kind of inhuman troll thing, now I see myself. Helps with fibromyalgia pain as well. The only problem is if I ever have to go off it, it won't be pretty. I ran out for about 11 days, had awful in the head shocky feeling for about 7 of these days, before I started up again. Not fun...
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    Within 3 doses I experienced severe diarrhea that has persisted for two weeks. The only relief is large doses of acidophilus. I was told to stop the treatment immediately but the damage is done.
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